1. Open the link

Open inSign with the following link: https://insign.is2.de
Sign in with your user credentials.

inSign log in

2. Create a process

A process in inSign contains one or more related documents that can be filled out and signed.
Click on “New process” in the “Processes” tab to create a process and then upload your documents.


3. Prepare the document

If your document does not yet contain a signature field, the so-called form field editor starts automatically. You can use it to add signature fields by dragging and dropping. The evidence-proof advanced electronic signature (AES) is preset for each signature field. You can find out more about the different signature types here. When you are finished, exit the form field editor with the cross at the top right.
Form field editor

4. Sign the document

Your document can be signed by clicking into the signature box. Alternatively, the signature process can be assigned to someone else by selecting the “Request signature” button.
Request signature

5. Further options with inSign

Further examples of how inSign is generically applied, can be found in the chapter “Case Studies”. Also, this help offers additional information supporting you in your work with inSign.

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