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Application expamles

Sign in­surance appli­cation forms online

Without inSign, printed insurance applications are sent by mail to customers who sign and post them back. With inSign your customers receive their insurance documents via secure channels and simply sign them online.

Sign con­tracts during online meetings

Let your customers sign con­tracts conveniently during video con­ferences. You just need to share your screen, open the docu­ment in inSign and follow the in­structions for re­directing to another device.

Online self-service for
SEPA direct mandates

SEPA direct debit mandates re­quire le­gally compliant signatures. With inSign, you can in­tegrate a SEPA direct debit mandate form in your portal and have your customers pro­vide their signa­tures in a paper­less process.

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Sign documents with our electronic signature

Take a look here for further applications.

German Insurance Contract Act (VVG)

For the in­surance sector we have de­veloped a specific VVG mode. Pursuant to the German Ins­urance Contract Act, this specific mode en­sures that the customer gets all docu­ments prior to signing them.

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