Once a template has been created, it can be reused as often as desired. This functionality comes in handy when you have added a signature field to a standardised form which you would like to use repeatedly.
inSign templates

Create a template

Check tab “Templates” for the button “New template”. Clicking this button creates a new process which can be edited as normal. Once the editing has been completed, you can exit the process by pressing “Save template” and the new template will be available to you.

Use a template

To generate a new process based on a template, simply click the name and select the function “Create new process from template” from the context menu. Following this you will be prompted to enter a process name. Pressing “OK” will start the new process.

Edit a template name

The name of a template can be changed by calling the “Rename” function.

Share a template

If you work with multiple users in an inSign group, you can share the template with other users.

Note: For most users this feature is not activated, i.e. no groups for sharing are displayed.


If you want to provide a prepared PDF form for self-service, you can use the “Web Link” function in the template manager. You will receive a URL for a specific process that you can integrate into your website, an e-mail, or a newsletter. People who click on this link automatically open the document and are prompted to complete and sign it. Once signed and completed by the user, you will receive a message to that effect and will automatically find the completed documents in your process manager.

Create a template with the necessary text and signature fields. In the template manager, click on the three-dots on the right of the respective process.

By clicking on “Weblink” the following dialog appears.

inSign Weblink
Activate the web link by using the slider on the top. Copy the link to your clipboard and embed it anywhere you wish.

Delete a template

A template can be deleted by calling the “Delete” function or clicking the trash can icon.
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