Templates are created once and can then be reused as often as desired. This functionality is useful, for example, if you have created a standardized form with a signature field, which you want to use frequently.

inSign templates

Create template

The button “Add new template” creates a new process, which you can edit as usual. When you have finished editing, you can exit the process by clicking “Save template”. The new template will then be available to you.

Note: Once a template has been saved, it cannot be changed afterwards, i.e. you have to finish editing the template in one pass.

Use template

When you click on the template, you will be prompted to enter the process name and name of the signatory. This corresponds to the entries Name and Signatory from the inSign menu (see Menu and Functionality). By clicking “Next” you create a new process with the corresponding name and can start individual editing.

Edit template name

Use the pencil icon next to the template name to change the template’s name.

Share template

If you work with multiple users in an inSign group, you can select a group with which the template should be shared here.

Note: For most users this feature is not activated, i.e. no groups for sharing are displayed.

Delete template

You can delete a template by clicking the trash can icon.

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