A process is a collection of one or more files. Usually these are PDF documents. However, image files, such as photos, can also be part of a process.

Biometric Data

The entire movement during the signature is recorded by inSign similar to a video. The resulting data is called biometric data. It is worth protecting in particular and is therefore encrypted immediately and only then embedded into the PDF document.


The three-point symbol to the right of the operation opens a menu with the available functions. The available commands depend on the status of the operation.
inSign process


Opens an existing process for further editing.

Download incl. biometrics

Downloads all documents including biometric data as a ZIP file for archiving. Please keep these files in a safe place. Important note: inSign deletes all processes after 30 days.


Deletes the process. There is no way to restore deleted processes.

Retrieve process

If a process has been transferred to another person (see Online Editing functionality), you cannot open the process yourself until the other person has completed editing. You can use this functionality to withdraw the editing authorization from the other person. You will then be able to open the process again.

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