Go for a legally compliant
electronic signature

Have you ever had…

Have you ever had...

delays due to missing signatures?

cancelled appointments because of missing signatures?

loss of sales in connection with signature processes?

With the e-signature solution inSign, most processes are completed within one day.
Also returns are prevented.

Digital signature made easy

Digital signature
made easy


  • Upload document
    or transfer it to the interface (API)
  • Add form fields by drag and drop

Signature field

  • Share document with people
    at different locations
  • Send link for editing and signature

Send Document
Fill in

  • Mandatory fields reduce number of returned forms

inSign Pflichtfeld im Dokument

  • Directly on the touch device
  • Alternatively, redirect signature process to smartphone with one click

inSign electronic signature

  • Directly on the touch device
  • Alternatively, redirect signature process to smartphone with one click

Download biometric documents

  • Search / filter for processes
  • Download / delete processes

More inSign features

Digital signature without detours

You can directly sign docu­ments on all touch de­vices (e.g. tablet etc.). Smart­phones offer another very con­venient option to provide a signature. In this case, a share link is sent by e-mail or text message.

Signature via browser or app

If you do not use a touch device, you can for­ward the signa­ture by text message to a smartphone and sign in the browser. When using inSign fre­quently, we re­commend the app to spare the process step “send text message.”

Easy upload

Simply upload docu­ments or add them by drag and drop. Pictures and photo­graphed docu­ments are also supported.

Document management

Thanks to the docu­ment manage­ment function, you are al­ways up to date with your ongoing trans­actions and their status. In addition, the trans­action management function­ality offers you the possibility of viewing, down­loading or deleting all your docu­ments.

Notification status

After you have shared docu­ments for signature, the notification status function­ality keeps you auto­matically up to date with the current status. inSign sends re­minders to signees as well in case they over­look your e-mail.

Create document templates

Our software for electronic signa­tures also offers a practical template function­ality. For instance, you can create templates for frequently used documents in advance, provide them with a signa­ture field, if required, and save them.

Form editor

With the form editor you can embed signa­ture fields, check boxes and text fields in the form by drag and drop. You can also define mandatory fields to mini­mise the number of returned forms.

Word plugin

As of now, our Word plugin also allows the signing of Word docu­ments. For this purpose, the Word docu­ment is auto­matically con­verted into a PDF file.

Export options

You can export all docu­ments quickly and easily. PDFs created by inSign contain en­crypted biometric signature data. These serve as evidence in disputes.

Audit report

The audit report is a historic protocol of a signature process. It contains dates, times, types and other details regarding user actions. This means that the timeline of the signature process can be traced at any time. The audit report can help clarify any disputes.

Available in several languages

German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Czech, Polish, Dutch

Convenient & quick troubleshooting

If you have any questions, you can contact our inSign team di­rectly at any time. They help solve your problem quickly and simply. Usually, you are in direct contact with your customer support or team of de­velopers.

inSign enterprise

Seamless integration into your website

With our REST API you can integrate inSign – our soft­ware for electronic signa­ture – quickly and easily into your home­page or web application

Available online and offline

We also offer our customers an offline version for Windows as well as hybrid variants. With our software you can sign docu­ments online and offline.

One solution – lots of advantages

No installation or specific hardware required

The software runs in the browser on all end devices – no software or app required. And the recip­ients of docu­ments do not need a license or regist­ration – they can simply sign on their smart­phones.

Legally compliant

Our electronic signature inSign is eIDAS-compliant. Of course, all legal requirements such as GDPR, BGB and BDSG are taken into account and followed without exceptions.
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Documents to be signed no longer need to be printed out or mailed. Speed up your internal pro­cesses with inSign.

Across all sectors and countries

Using inSign, the electronic signa­ture solution, is beneficial in many sectors and fields of business. You can also use it for inter­national trans­actions.


With inSign, you can manage all business processes in a paperless fashion, thus saving time and money. Higher profit­ability through leaner processes and less time spent archiving are just two out of the many positive side effects for your customers and orga­nisation.


With inSign, your customers can receive, sign, and forward docu­ments anytime, any­where. Whether on the move or at home – and outside busi­ness hours. Boost the number of trans­actions and increase your con­version rate.


When using the electronic signa­ture inSign, you contribute to saving paper and re­ducing environmental impact. Take a step in the right di­rection!

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