Integrability and customisation
of signature processes with inSign enterprise

Integrability and customisation
of signature processes
with inSign enterprise

Individual test environment

For the evaluation, customisation- and integration phase, we provide a test instance on which you can see changes in advance and keep track of their progress.

Integration & customisation

Our software for electronic signatures can be adapted to match your corporate design and to be integrated into your workflows. We would be happy to support you or take care of all adaptation and integration work for you.

Access via REST-API

For the smooth integration of the software for electronic signatures into your system, inSign offers a REST-API that enables communication between the different systems. As the REST-API comes with com­prehensive docu­mentation, integration takes just a few days.

Single sign-on

Registration in inSign is a background job accomplished by the API. Since users typically identify themselves in their application they do not need to register again.

On-premises installation or SaaS

With the Enterprise licence you can choose between on-premises installation or SaaS. On-premises refers to the installation on your own server, and you are responsible for operation. You have unlimited control over your system and the use of inSign.

If you decide in favour of fully managed dedicated SaaS, iS2 is responsible for operation. The application runs on a dedicated server in a German data centre. It goes without saying that we ensure software main­tenance and updates at regular intervals.

Individual licence models

You can choose between different individual licence models with process-based and user-based options. Company flat rates are also available.

Worry-free business services of your inSign enterprise instance
SaaS – Software-as-a-Service by iS2

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