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Practical applications

Sign orders online

You would like to have a new order con­firmed with a signature? With inSign your customers can sign orders online via a secure commu­nication channel. Alter­natively, customers can sign orders on site on any touch de­vice you make available to them.

Sign consent for data pro­cessing on site via touch device

Do you need a signed cus­tomer con­sent for data pro­cessing? No problem at all! Bring your customer a touch de­vice with the inSign docu­ment already opened and have them sign their consent form in a paper­less process.

Online signature of authorisations

You are the owner of a car repair shop. Apart from repair and main­tenance services, customers might ask for a spare key to be made. Simply use the inSign template of the necessary power of attorney you created for that case.

Smartphone mit inSign Unterschriftsfeld

Signing of daily documents
typical for various trades

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